What’s Next NASCAR?

Before you look at reading this week’s article you need to ask yourself the following question. Do I want to listen to Paul rip NASCAR? If no, thank you for clicking on the article this week. If yes, here we go.

Talladega the logic vacuum

Looking back at last week’s race from Talladega we came up one spot short of a victory with our single play on the final lap as Elliott won the race while Blaney finished second. Did NASCAR have a hand in NASCAR baby Jesus winning? I have no clue but that caution for the 16 sitting in its pit stall sure is as the kids say “sus”. So if NASCAR is going to be consistent, will we see yellows this weekend every time we have a green flag stop? I just want you to think about that. Without that caution, does the nine have the opportunity to go from 3rd to first in the final two laps and score the victory?

Chase Elliott took it to victory lane at Talladega in the Yellawood 500

NASCAR the logic vacuum

On Wednesday of this week, NASCAR fines the 4 team at SHR the following for modifying a single source supplied part. Deduction of 100 owner points and 100 driver points along with Rodney Childers being fined $100,000 and suspended for the next four races. Now if you have been with me for more than a week, you know I am a Kevin Harvick fan. I rarely bet on or against the 4 because of it. So that’s my disclaimer before my rant. As you all know, Kevin has been very vocal in the media about next-gen car safety. Did NASCAR take this opportunity to teach the 4 team a lesson? I don’t know. What about this, did Rodney Childers modify a part to prove a point? I don’t know. What I do know is the 4 and the 19 were the two cars taken to the NASCAR R&D center. What I do know is neither of them was in contention for the win. What message does this send others who have been vocal like Denny Hamlin? Remember RFK at Daytona modifying wheels for safety reasons and those wheels were confiscated? Was Brad very outspoken about NASCAR and the new car? Yes! Then some five or so weeks later, a huge fine for the 6 team that’s very similar to this fine for the 4 team received this week. Paul doesn’t have the answers, but has more questions. I have more questions about what NASCAR is doing period with the top three series. Don’t get me started on the truck series! I am just amazed that these are the times we are watching NASCAR racing!

So what about the ROVAL?

Have you looked at the top 10 markets for this week? OUCH! Personally, it’s tough to find value. Over at Betus, there are 16 drivers laying odds for a top 10. Our buddy JJ over at betcrushers.com did find some nice value at Bovada. Also playing that Cindric over Briscoe play.

I am looking at the match up of Ryan Blaney -110 vs Daniel Suarez -120. You could say both drivers are a bit of a shock to be in this position in the playoff standings. Suarez punched his tickets in the summer on the road course out in Sonoma. YRB pointed his way in barley. Suarez is on the cut line just 8 points ahead of Briscoe. Does this mean that Suarez will be in a bit of point racing? Blaney sits in second and 28 points ahead of Briscoe, so I can see that 12 going for the win. Stage points won’t matter as much. So two different agendas, and in a matchup that is key. At the ROVAL YRB has a 7.3 place average finish in the last three races with three top tens. Suarez on the opposite end of the spectrum with a 24-place average finish and no finishes in the top 10 in his last three here. In the last six in the series, YRB holds that advantage 12.2 to 15.2 over Suarez. Honestly, this jumped off the bet sheet at me to take YRB without any research. Really, with that information as well as the stats, I am backing Blaney in this matchup of playoff drivers!


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