Darlington at a Glance

It’s Labor Day weekend and the NASCAR Cup Series is heading to Darlington, South Carolina for the Southern 500. With this being the first race of the playoffs for the Cup Series, I wanted to share a few ideas of mine when handicapping these next 10 races.

Try and stay away from playoff drivers vs non-playoff drivers.

BETUS has a ton of plays as usual on their site. Looking at them, there are some plus money on non-playoff drivers like MTJ and Erik Jones verse playoff drivers. Even in these first few rounds, I like to stay away from these plus-money bets because resources are shifting at these race teams. Denny Hamlin and Christopher Bell are receiving more resources right now than MTJ. Yes, I know the shrub is a playoff driver, but with his contract situation, I bet he’s not getting as much attention as the other two playoff drivers are over at JGR.

Look at playoff drivers who are entering the playoffs hot

Take last week’s winner, Austin Dillon, for example. Before last week’s win, the Welcome NC driver had just one top 10 in his previous 12 races. Dillon is an example of a guy not hot. Let’s look at Chase Elliott. He enters the playoffs on a good note. Prior to last week’s race. In his previous ten races, he had eight top 10s along with three wins. A lot of picks this time of year come down to momentum.

Just wanted to give you a few items to consider while filling out your tickets for races in the next 10 weeks! If you are looking for some plays, head on over to betcrushers.com and check out JJ’s plays for this week. He has a few articles, on this week’s race with plays. Great content as always. Until next time, keep researching, keep winning, and have fun!


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